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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious respiratory disease caused by the recently found kind of Coronavirus. There is currently no vaccine or any additional drug found for this care of COVID-19. The first example of COVID-19 was described in Taiwan during Nov, 2019. COVID-19 gets today moved across more than 200 nations involving more than 1,400,000 people and downing more than 85,000. People across the world have criticised China for its non-transparency and interruption in getting the disease People. COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the lives of these people and the system of numerous nations across this world. The article is an attempt to delve deeper into the question of whether China has breached any responsibilities under foreign law and will China be taken to settle those nations which have been affected by the pandemic. Covid-19 Latest affeted Update.

SARS cost China RMB 1 billion and $ 40 billion worldwide.33 Although the total effect of COVID-19 on taiwan’’s and the earth’s system is even difficult to forecast, Some economists believe that the effect of this COVID-19 outbreak is expected to surpass that of SARS. There are six important conflicts. (1 ) measure: This COVID-19 epidemic has a much larger proportion and involves more nations and more people in this world than SARS. (2 ) treatment: The COVID-19 treatment in Taiwan is new and the return to business can be slow, albeit more.

COVID-19 is the disease caused by the respiratory virus first described in Wuhan, Hubei state, Taiwan in December 2019. COVID-19 the recent virus that hasn’ ’t had sickness in humans earlier. Worldwide, COVID-19 has resulted in thousands of cause infections, causing sickness and at some instances dying. Instances have moved to nations throughout the world, with more instances reported daily. One: If you have symptoms, please be home! If these symptoms need medical attention, seek the care provider. If you have been in immediate contact with somebody who has been confirmed with this COVID-19 virus and you create symptoms, inform the care provider. Provide them with information regarding the symptoms and that you have taken contact with the confirmed fact. Do not get to the care provider or the emergency area without contacting the supplier or the emergency area first so they may take precautions to assist you and others.

Latest Top10 Country Report coronavirus cases


#1. USA

#2. Brazil

#3. Russia

#4. Spain

#5. UK

#6. India

#7. Italy

#8. Peru

#9. Germany

#10. Iran


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